In each 50-minute Form50  class, you’ll experience a challenging workout that combines cardio, strength, endurance and flexibility.  The movements are slow and controlled to activate slow-twitch, fat-burning muscle fibers.  Transitions between exercises are minimal but quick, making the workout more effective.

Featured Classes

Form50 Essentials

At Form50, we start with the Essentials class. First-time members will learn the foundation moves that you will use in our Total Body classes. You’ll receive individualized attention and no judgment in our small-group setting as you master the Megaformer. Form50 Essentials is encouraged for new members, and available to our seasoned veterans who want a refresher on form or movements.

Form50 Total Body

Our Total Body class is designed for athletes of all ages and fitness levels. Your instructor will guide you through 50-minutes of fat-torching, muscle toning moves on the Megaformer to help you achieve your best body ever. For best results, we recommend attending 3 to 4 times a week with a rest day in between classes.  

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