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 In each 50-minute Form50  class, you’ll experience a challenging workout that combines cardio, strength, endurance and flexibility.  The movements are slow and controlled to activate slow-twitch, fat-burning muscle fibers.  Transitions between exercises are minimal but quick, making the workout more effective.

Featured Classes

Total Body

Total Body is where major change happens. During this 50-minute class, you’ll burn through intense, low-impact interval training (LIIT) that takes Lagree to the next level. Your Form50 coach will guide you through slow and controlled functional movements with time under tension to the beat of a playlist that keeps you pushing hard. Total Body is designed to strengthen your core, amp your endurance and build your balance for a stronger, leaner body that uncovers major definition. Whether it’s your first or your 50th Total Body class, expect it to hurt so good—every time.

Don’t forget your grip socks. You can BYOS or buy your own at the studio.

FORM Your Foundation

FORM Your Foundation is a must to master the foundational moves you’ll use in Total Body. Building upon everything you learned in Welcome To Your FORM, this 50-minute session puts LIIT into action with low-impact interval training. Think slow, controlled, functional movements on the Megaformer for just the right amount of intensity. This class moves at a pace that’s totally doable, but still challenging, pumped by an on-point playlist. Your coach will get hands-on to to push you to a whole new form of fit. Let’s get LIIT.

Don’t forget your grip socks. You can BYOS or buy your own at the studio.

Welcome To Your FORM

This is where your form starts to take shape. We start slow in this intro class, with your Form50 coach breaking down everything you’ll be doing in the next 50 minutes. Learn the ins and outs of LIIT (low-impact interval training) and how to work the Megaformer. Step by step, you’ll put it all together with your coach guiding every functional movement to get the feel and flow of your best form. Enjoy the ride and build your confidence, strength and endurance to go for your next challenge: FORM Your Foundation. Fueling your motivation? Best studio beats ever.

Don’t forget your grip socks. You can BYOS or buy your own at the studio.

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