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FORM50 in 50 seconds


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Your FORM50 journey starts with FORM Your Foundation, an essential class designed with fundamental FORM50 moves that will level you up to Total Body Sculpt. Your Coach breaks down every aspect, from our custom machine, the FORMFormer to each movement, to the names of the exercises. Experience slow, controlled, functional movements with fast paced intervals to build your strength. Perfect for beginners and clients who want to slow down and perfect their FORM at just the right intensity.

Our signature class is designed to strengthen your core, build your endurance. Your FORM50 Coach will challenge you through intense time under tension without running or jumping, aka no impact on the body. We combine controlled movements with high speed intervals for an effective 50 minutes. Total Body Sculpt will challenge you mentally and physically while efficiently creating a stronger, sculpted and leaner body.

Our most advanced class for clients who know our FORMFormer, the signature FORM50 moves, and looking to Level Up. With heavier spring loads, agility focused moves, and minimal modifications. This class will challenge your body with faster transitions & strength focused exercises. Must have taken at least 10 Total Body Classes or more to take PRO, subject to Coach approval. FROM50 Pro is not for clients with injuries or who are pregnant.

Indulge in a rejuvenating experience with our Stretch & Flow class. Specifically crafted to invigorate your body and clear your mind, it prepares you for the challenges of your next FORM50 session. Vibes are set with euphoric music & dim lights. This class optimizes dynamic stretches on the FORMFormer, facilitating enhanced flexibility and increased range of motion. Embrace a moment to unwind, relax, and simply be in the present.




What is FORM50?

FORM50 is the smartest & most effective workout in 50 minutes. It’s a full-body workout, without the toll of high-impact exercise – no running and no jumping. We combine slow and fast explosive movements on a spring based custom reformer, designed for performance training. FORM50 will have your body feeling strong & sculpted. The class moves to the beat of a party playlist with an ultra-sleek, boutique vibe. FORM50 is all about functional fitness. That means being able to live your best life without injury.

Is it Pilates?

FORM50 is NOT Pilates. FORM50 and Pilates have a few things in common, both are low impact, and work on a machine. FORM50 is high intensity, which means more fat loss, cardiovascular endurance, and strength. Think high intensity strength training on a reformer. The intensity of FORM50 doesn’t suit everyone. Those who want a lower intensity workout may be better off with the restorative nature of Pilates.

Is There a Beginner Class?

FORM Your Foundation is a must for beginners and suitable for all fitness levels. We will help you master the foundational moves you’ll use in Total Body. This may be where you start, but it will help you build the strength you will need. In FORM your Foundation, your coach breaks everything down step by step, the FORMFormer, and all the moves, so you can get the feel and flow of killer form. Think slow, controlled, functional movements for just the right amount of intensity. This class moves at a pace that’s totally doable, but still challenging.

Is Total Body Sculpt for all fitness levels?

All classes at FORM50 are challenging no matter your fitness level or how many times you have taken class at our studio. Total Body Sculpt is our intermediate/advanced class and may not be suitable for clients with injuries or pregnant. However, our coaches will offer modifications and adjustments as needed. We do have strongly encourage for all newbies to take Form Your Foundation. 

How frequent should I take class?

We recommend clients to take at least 1-2 rest days in between each class. 3-4X per week is recommended for best results. 

What is a Coach In Training class?

Our Coach In Training classes are classes taught buy our trainees that are in the process of learning to become a coach. These classes are discounted at $15 and are on the schedule periodically.