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In our studios, everyone is welcome and all fitness levels belong. You come in for yourself, but leave as a member of our FORM FAM.

FORM50 transFORMations


  • Love this studio! Everyone is so friendly and not judgmental at all. I love that the coaches constantly give modifications or level ups for every move so you never stop getting better. The lighting and music help me get out of my own head. This is one of the only studios I have come across where the coaches work to memorize your names, ask how you are feeling, & cheer you on throughout. I cherish this place!! 

    New York
  • FORM50 is the best workout I’ve ever done! I am not someone who normally enjoys working out and I’m so happy to have found a form of activity that I genuinely look forward go to. All the instructors are amazing. They are kind, welcoming, and patient. I would recommend trying Form50 to everyone!

  • This is by far one of the best workouts I have ever had! The program is amazing and challenging in the best kind of way. And the instructors are fire. They meet you where you are and ask you to go further. I had a friend bring me into this community—and it’s totally a community. Highly recommended to anyone who wants to stretch themselves and feel good!

    New York