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Senior Trainer & Instructor

Coach Kenny, AKA Killer K, is one Spicy Puerto Rican born in the Peach state (GA), raised in the 3 oh 5 (Miami, FL). Coach Kenny has a background in Retail Management with a passion for operations, problem solving, and helping others grow professionally and personally. He has a certification in Health and Fitness. With a background in performing arts, such as dance and band, Kenny loves a pumping beat that gets him moving – or in his case, twerking. Killer K started as a client and immediately fell in love with FORM50.


“I’ve always been a competitive person. I derive my drive and ambition from the people around me who are fighting for the same end goal as me. I’ve never been a fitness studio type of person because I never left feeling challenged. That all changed when I came to FORM50! Loved it so much that I became a coach. FORM50 has truly given me the opportunity to make a difference in EVERYONE’s life, not just mine.”