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Form50 Policies

Reservations are limited to 1 class per day. We promise, that’s all you will need!

Late to the party?

  • Returning clients get a 5 minute grace period past class start time. Pass that time? It will be considered a late cancel.

New to FORM50? The earlier the better. You must show up to class at least 5
minutes early. If you are late you not be will allowed into class.

Cancellation policy

EARLY cancel up to 12 hours before class

  • No fee
  • Keep class credit

LATE cancel LESS THAN 12 hours before class

  • Log into your FORM50 account and choose “late cancel”–lose class credit
  • Monthly Members receive 1 free late cancel per month–after that each latecancel will be charged $25


  • Clients with Credits: Lose class credit & charged a fee of $25
  • Unlimited members that no show, will be charged a fee of __. (insert price oflocation)Miami-$35, Astoria-$40

Guest Cancellations

  • If your guest can no longer make it please let us know in advance vie email orphone call–past 12-hr cancellation window you will lose your guestpass/credit. If your guest no-shows there will be a $25 fee. For members $40.

Only medical reasons with a doctor’s note will be excused from our cancellationpolicy.

Package expiration/extensions

  • Package extensions are $5 PER WEEK, PER CLASS from expiration date.
  • You must request an extension before your package expires
  • All expiration dates are listed in the description at the time of purchase

Grippy socks are a goodthing and required

  • Grippy socks can be purchased in studio or you can bring your own! We reservethe right to turn down grippy socks that are not FORM50 standard of grip.

Getting off the waitlist

  • You may join ONE waitlist spot for class per day. You can get off the waitlist upto1 hourbefore class and be notified via email. If class no longer works for youwe ask that you remove yourself from the waitlist so we can give that spot toanother one of our FORMFAM.


  • Can’tmake it to your scheduled class? Please let us know in advance to runstandby for a class the same day. You willl not be allowed to sign up without acancellation fee. If you do not let us know in advance there will be a $40 fee.
  • Memberships can be frozen fora minimum of a month and a maximum of 3months.
  • If you need to cancel your membership, please reach out to us via email beforeyour billing cycle renews.
  • Need to cancel before your membership commitment? We will miss you! Wecharge a $50 termination fee.

At the studio-Please be courteous

We ask that you refrain from chatting loudly in class.

No phones during class. We LOVE your post class selfies but after class is over.

Dogs and children will not be permitted to wait in the lobby while you take class.

We do not allow the following in the studio:No bikes, skateboards, scooters, orstrollers

Any questions? We got you. Call 305-413-9193 OR Email us at
[email protected]