At FORM50 we use a science-based functional fitness approach. We provide a TRUE, full-body workout, without the toll of high-impact exercise. The combination of fast explosive movement and low impact interval training (L.I.I.T) is the sweet spot for transforming your body. This fired up combo equals the functional performance and sculpted physique you've been waiting for! FORM50 is the best 50 minutes of your day!


I ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Form50, and am so glad they are open!!!!!! I feel 100% safe working out here. All machines and equipment are cleaned regularly, everyone is wearing masked, and the machines are perfectly distanced. My body feels so strong after just ONE class. It truly is THE BEST WORKOUT IN NYC!!!!!


These classes are INCREDIBLE. I was coming off of having a baby during covid and was really worried it would be too challenging. The instructors are incredibly knowledgeable and supportive with whatever workout level you come in at. I will be sticking with these classes for sure as the girls have become my safe haven for working out and getting back in shape!!

Molly P. @username

I have been going to this studio for almost two years now and I’m OBSESSED. I’m a curvy gal and was worried about not fitting a certain type of aesthetic, but this place is so welcoming and accepting! I’m also recovering from an injury and each coach is so supportive, helps with modifications, and they are all so good about checking in to make sure I’m feeling ok and not exacerbating anything. You will not regret coming here!!

Kerstin D.

"My go-to workout studio. I love the vibe, the energy, and the workout! I've introduced at least 5 friends to Form50. I always get a text the next day saying how sore they are, and that it's one of the toughest workouts they've ever done. Don't be afraid, It's fun, the instructors are super encouraging, and you'll love seeing the results."

Catherine K.

"So happy!!! I have been looking for a place to workout after a disc injury. I was done with PT and wanted to continue working out in a smaller environment. This place is so cool, brand spankin' new, clean, clean, clean and with very knowledgeable instructors. I explained to my instructor what my what limitations were with my movements and she walked me through modifications on my form. It is a tough workout, but so rewarding.”

Mark L.

Form50 has truly changed my life! The meditative 4-count helps calm me down and the workout has completely transformed my body! The music is also always on point! This is a must-try fitness class!

Olympia B.

"I've found a fitness home! FORM50 is an incredible work out. ALL the instructors are welcoming and knowledgeable. I love the energy, music is on point and they've really built a community. If you haven't drank the FORM50 Kool-Aid, give it a try. I promise you'll be addicted!!”

Justine A.

"I LOVE this studio and the wonderful team that works here. Every single class no matter the level is unique and I've never done the same workout twice. Every instructor is phenomenal and sincerely wants you to succeed. They're great at modifying exercises too so don't be intimidated!"


ORM50 continues to be my most challenging yet rewarding work out I have ever done! It’s a wonderful way to clear your mind and gain more control and awareness of each muscle, waking up parts of your body you never knew you had. It doesn’t matter how fit you are, be prepared to shake during and way after the class has ended. Monica, the founder, is a lovely human being, that is dedicated to give you the confidence you need to soar through your FORM50 journey. Peace and smiles 💛

Evyenia K.

Fantastic workout! It was my first LIIT workout and so much more than I expected. Equipment is top notch. Studio very clean. Instructor was super supportive in taking the time to explain the techniques. I'll be back!

John W.

The sweat and effort I put into class is always worth it! From the Foundation classes to the Total Body, I always leave class full of energy and my body feels amazing! Love how the Instructors are always available to modify your moves, so you’re getting the most effective workouts.

Lynette L. @username

My life is a before and after finding about Pilates and FORM50 gam have made it such a wonderful experience. All coaches are awesome and patient with me lol I’m getting use to all the poses and getting strength and resistance every single time I go. FAVORITE PLACE SO FAR 🤩🤩🤩

Katheryn A.

Love Form50! All of the instructors are amazing and the classes are both fun and challenging. This studio is different then most because there is a sense of community and the instructors really do care about your form in class. They correct you so you actually know what you are doing and get the best workout. This is honestly the best boutique studio in Astoria.

Meghan F.

I love this place from beginning to end. The workout, vibe, instructors and music are all amazing. As a mom of two little ones with very little time for me it’s tough to feel motivated to work out but I’m so addicted that I don’t let a week go by without doing a class or two! You should too 😊♥️💪🏼👊🏻. Thank you to Monica for bringing Form 50 to the neighborhood.

Theoni G.

I feel stronger and clear headed after each class accompanied by amazing soreness. A great workout to mix in regular gym regime with and target a lot of missed areas of the body. Love love love class and everything from 50 stands for. A bodily and spiritual awakening!

George S.

I love this studio. Very challenging classes with fantastic and friendly teachers. As someone with joint issues, I also really appreciate that the teachers take the time to check and correct people's form.

Ana L.

Form50 is truly the best. The workout is fireeee and I’ve seen such a transformation in my body. Not only am I stronger but I can see those beautiful lines/cuts defining my muscles. The instructors are so supportive and badass. When I walk out I feel like I can conquer the world. You will be sore but a soreness that feels so damn good.

Tenneill W. @username

If you haven't taken Form 50 you're in for the best full body workout! I've taken several instructors, and they are really attentive. It's a very challenging class, so make sure you do your part and really listen. Monica is my favorite!

Lisa G.


Together, we form a strong community—a family of friends. This is your home base and safe space where you’re free to just be. To relax and recharge. To express and challenge yourself. To feel positive and powerful for life.

low impact cardio exercises


Don’t be fooled, this may be where you start, but it’s hard AF—even for regulars. In FORM YOUR FOUNDATION, your coach breaks everything down step by step, the FORMFormer and all the moves, so you can get the feel and flow of killer form.