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our form is liit

FORM50 is more than a workout. It’s functional fitness training designed to make you stronger for everyday life. We combine functional moves with low-impact interval training (aka LIIT) on the Megaformer to boost your strength and conditioning. The class moves to the beat of a party playlist with an ultra-sleek, boutique vibe that feels nothing like a gym, so you actually want to be here. FORM50 coaches are hands-on and all-in. Through FORM + function, we get you fit for a LIIT life.   

High intensity, low impact workouts

sculpt your body & mind

50 minutes pers session

Fit for a LIIT life.

Together, we form a strong community—a family of friends. This is your home base and safe space where you’re free to just be. To relax and recharge. To express and challenge yourself. To feel positive and powerful for life.

Welcome to the FORM50 FAM.


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Featured Classes

FORM Your Foundation

Girl, don’t be fooled. This may be where you start, but it’s hard AF—even for regulars. In FORM Your Foundation, your coach breaks everything down step by step, the Megaformer and all the moves, so you can get the feel and flow of killer form. Keep in mind that breaks are OK! Just take ‘em when you need ‘em (everybody does). Shake it out and get back at it. No judgment.

FORM Your Foundation is a must for all first-time clients. But, how do you know it’s time to go on wit ur bad self to Total Body?

  1. You and the Mega totally get each other.
  2. You hear names and cues for Mega moves, and you’re more like ‘got it,’ than ‘da fuq?’
  3. Your transitions are smooth like buttah.

*Required for all first-time clients. If you’ve taken an equivalent class at another studio, e-mail hello@form50fitness.com for approval to progress to the next level.

Total Body

You’re not playing in Total Body. For 50 minutes, you’ll burn through a series of slow but scorching Mega moves that will have you dropping F bombs left and right. The sick playlist keeps you pushing hard toward a rock-solid core, insane endurance and major balance. And no worries, your #form50fam has got you. Your coach is on it with hands-on adjustments, so you’re always on point.

*PREREQ: FORM Your Foundation.

Form50 pro

OK, here’s where you level up. FORM50 PRO is designed for clients who know the Megaformer and every move like the back of their…wherever. Think: more advancement options and fewer modifications (but those are totally still an option, if that’s your jam). This class will challenge your muscles and your mind while amping your strength and endurance with an even more intense sweat and burn.

Listen up: FORM50 Pro is not for you if you’re pregnant or seriously injured.

*PREREQ: Must have completed at least 10 FORM50 Total Body classes (other Lagree studios do not qualify). No exceptions.

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