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50 Minute High Intensity Megaformer Workout

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The Lagree method

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High intensity, low impact workouts

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Sculpt your
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50 minute workout NYC

50 minutes per session

Allow Us to Introduce Ourselves

Form50 offers high intensity, low impact workouts that will sculpt your body & mind in just 50 minutes. We practice The Lagree Method taught on the patented M3S Megaformer to deliver one of the most efficient full body workouts there is, burning 500-800 calories in just 50 minutes. Form50 trainers instruct class to the latest jams in a high energy, new and beautifully designed studio. Get ready, because you will get hooked!
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Wait…No Weights?

Using the Megaformer M3S, you will improve your strength, cardio endurance, core condition, and flexibility.  Form50 instructors will guide you through class with slow, controlled movements using balance and resistance for a workout that challenges your body and mind. 

Get Familiar with The M3S

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Featured Classes

Form50 Essentials

At Form50, we start with the Essentials class. First-time members will learn the foundation moves that you will use in our Total Body classes. You’ll receive individualized attention and no judgment in our small-group setting as you master the Megaformer. Form50 Essentials is encouraged for new members, and available to our seasoned veterans who want a refresher on form or movements.

Form50 Total Body

Our Total Body class is designed for athletes of all ages and fitness levels. Your instructor will guide you through 50-minutes of fat-torching, muscle toning moves on the Megaformer to help you achieve your best body ever. For best results, we recommend attending 3 to 4 times a week with a rest day in between classes.  

We’ll Pencil You In.

Reserve your spot on one of our Megaformers by clicking SIGN UP below for your desired class time. Create your account with MindBodyOnline. Purchase desired option, and mark your calendar and get ready for the Form50 BURN.

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