What to Expect from the First Lagree Fitness Class at Form50 Fitness

Below, we discuss the basics of the famous Lagree workout, what it entails, and what to expect in your first Lagree fitness class.

The Basics

There are three things you need to know before you enroll for a Lagree workout class.

  • First, a Lagree fitness session at Form50 Fitness lasts 50 minutes. It’s recommended that new participants arrive 10 minutes ahead of time so your instructor can introduce you to the machines.
  • Secondly, workouts are done wearing grippy socks. It’s also recommended that you wear leggings or for men longer shorts.
  • Lastly, it takes several classes to fully understand the movements. So, don’t get frustrated or feel discouraged when you find yourself fumbling through the transitions. The good news is that the instructor will explain all the exercises and help you through every move.

The Workout: What to Expect in a Class

Form50 fitness Lagree Studio NYC

Lagree workouts mostly focus on the fat-burning slow twitch muscle fibers. This makes it an excellent option for those looking for a toned, lean look. Keep in mind that the eventual results of the exercise also depend on your body structure.  A sustained Lagree exercise program will help burn away unwanted fat and help you build muscles that take up less space, leading to a much improved physical appearance.

The process involves working one muscle group at a time. So, expect to work on abs, the left leg, the right leg, and so on, each at a time, before moving to the next muscle group. Each exercise lasts 1-2 minutes and 2 minutes for lower body parts.

One key difference from other exercises is that here you’re not looking for as many reps as possible. Instead, the focus is maintaining a slow, controlled pace while ensuring that not a single second is wasted in transition. Of course, this isn’t practical. But transitions have to be made as quick as possible.      

About the Megaformer

Lagree M3S Megaformer workout

Lagree workouts are done on a machine known as Megaformer. A Megaformer consists of three main parts:

  • the front
  • the carriage
  • the back

The carriage moves back and forth on a spring system. You can add or remove the springs to increase or reduce resistance respectively. You can also replace lighter springs with heavier ones and vice versa. This also increases or reduces resistance as appropriate. Your instructor will provide advice on how and when to change the springs.

The carriage can move in a lot of different ways. In fact, Lagree workouts are almost entirely based on that; moving the carriage. You’ll use both your feet and arms to move it. There are pulley systems, eyelet holes, foot straps, a bungee cord, and handle bars among other controls for executing movement.

Hand weights are sometimes used to increase difficulty of exercises. Then, there’s a pole to help with balance especially for first-timers.

How Your Body Will Feel After the Workout

After the class, most people say they feel incredible. Although you’re likely to shake throughout the workout, especially during lower body exercises, there is absolutely no pain. You may also feel an uncomfortable burning sensation in the muscles. But, again, there should be no pain. If you feel any pain, inform your instructor right away.

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