So what’s the Dif? Choose the best class for you to get the most out of your 50 minutes!



FORM Your Foundation is encouraged for ALL newbies! Don’t be fooled, this may be where you start but its hard AF—even for seasoned clients. Your Coach will break down moves step by step, guide you through transitions & help you find your best FORM! Injuries or pregnant? This is the class for you!



Total Body Sculpt is designed for any and all regulars. For 50 minutes, you’ll burn through a series of different moves, tempos, and scorching intervals, that will have you dropping F-bombs left and right. Don’t worry, your FORMFAM has got you. Your coach is on it with hands on adjustments, so you’re always on po int. You will level up in strength, endurance, balance, & power with our signature FORM50 class.



FORM50 PRO is where you take it to the next level. Our hardest class is specifically designed for clients who know the FORMFormer & moves like the back of their.. wherever. Think: more level up options, fewer modifications (but those are still an option if that’s your jam). This class will challenge you mentally and physically to help you achieve your goals. Your FORM50 Coach will take you through 50 minutes of amping up your strength and endurance to set your FORM on FIRE!



STRETCH & FLOW is a feel good movement based recovery class to help aid all of those aches & pains. Just like the name says, we stretch & we flow. & it feels SO good. With the lights down low & the slow jams on— vibes are 100. Come join us for our newest addition to the FORM50 Schedule that’s sold out weekly.



What is a FORM50 like?

Form50 is LIIT. Let’s break down LIIT, shall we? It stands for Low-Impact Interval Training. So low impact = no jumping, bouncing or otherwise destroying your joints. It’s easy on your back, hips and knees. But don’t be fooled, low impact does not = low intensity. In fact, it’s insanely intense.LIIT uses suuuper slow and controlled, functional movements on the FORMFormer that work your muscles to the point of exhaustion. That’s where the famous “shake” comes in. You’ll know it when you feel it. It’s all about time under tension to become stronger than you’ve ever been.That intensity is a real game changer. And the best part is, you never plateau because the workouts get harder, not easier, all while being kind to your joints. That’s exactly why LIIT is the sh*t.

Is this like pilates?

FORM50 is NOT Pilates. FORM50 and Pilates have a few things in common, both are low impact, and work on a machine. They are both proven ways to improve your core strength, flexibility, balance, and muscle tone. However, FORM50 simply provides better results when it comes to fat loss, cardiovascular endurance, and strength. While there are many advantages to FORM50, that doesn’t mean Pilates is completely obsolete. The intensity of FORM50 doesn’t suit everyone and those who are older or just want a light workout may be better off with the restorative nature of Pilates.

Is there a beginner class? 

Yes! The class is called FORM YOUR FOUNDATION.Your coach breaks everything down step by step, the FORMFormer and all the moves, so you can get the feel and flow of killer form. Keep in mind that breaks are OK! Just take ‘em when you need ‘em (everybody does). Shake it out and get back at it. No judgment.

FORM YOUR FOUNDATION IS SUGGESTED FOR ALL NEWBIES. But, how do you know it's time to go on to Total Body?

1. You and the FORM totally get each other. 

2. You hear names and cues for Mega moves, and you’re more like ‘got it,’ than ‘da fuq?’ 

3. Your transitions are smooth like buttah. 

Are the classes all levels?

All classes at FORM50 are challenging no matter your fitness level or how many times you have taken class at our studio. That being said, we welcome all levels to come and try out a class. At FORM50 is all about your own personal fitness journey, essentially it is you vs you. We have a “do what you can” philosophy, but don’t give up. Our coaches will offer modifications and adjustments as needed. We do have strongly encourage for all newbies to take Form Your Foundation, this beginner class will still be challenging and leave your muscles burnin’ and sweat drippin’, however we will focus exercises primarily off the front of the machine, and transitions will move at a slower pace, allowing less room for confusion.

Am I ready for a class at FORM50?

As long as you come with an open mind and good vibes, you are more than ready. Class is designed for all fitness levels, and strengths. Our coaches are all in, and hands and are trained to work with all fitness levels in a small group setting.


Ultra modern and dimly lit with a hot pink glow, FORM50 brings an ultra-sleek, boutique vibe to both Miami and New Yorks Astoria fitness scene--just 15 minutes from Midtown Manhattan.

For New York, Take the N/W train to the Broadway stop. We’re located just 150 feet from the stop. Find us on 31st between Broadway and 30th Ave. We are street level in Astoria Central residential building.If you drive, no worries, just use the indoor parking garage next door for $5/hour.


Do I need to bring anything?

Your safety and comfort are our top priority. For this reason, we require members to wear socks with a textured grip to class. You can BYOP (bring your own pair) or purchase them directly from the studio. 

Where do I put my stuff?

There are cubbies in the studio for your personal belongings.

Do you have showers?

No, we do not. We do have lots of complimentary goodies in our restroom to use to freshen up after class.   


Do I need to create an account? 

Do I have to buy a package?

No. You can buy a single class if you’re terrified of commitment. We offer a first time rate, where you purchase one class and the second one is on us. 


How does the waitlist work?

FORM50 members are permitted to join one class waitlist per day. Should a spot become available to you, Mindbody will send you an email letting you know you are confirmed. We don’t mind if you change your mind, we just ask that you sign into your account to cancel before class starts. If it is within 12 hours of the scheduled class time, please call us at 347-354-FORM or email us at hello@form50fitness. com. The earlier the better, so we can get another client in from the waitlist.   


When should I arrive?

We ask that members arrive no later than 5 minutes prior to their scheduled class. For new members, we ask for you to arrive 10 minutes before class so we can show you around and help you get comfortable with the FORMFormer. 

 * Accountability Alert: Members who are not signed in by the start of class may lose their spot to a member on the waitlist.  

What should I bring to class?

It’s simple: all you need is an open-minded attitude with the willingness to try something new. Even if you’re uber-fit, this workout will be tough--that's the point. 


● Make sure you drink enough water and eat a healthy snack before class.

● Wear workout clothes. Form-fitting gear highlights your, well, form.

● Grippy socks are required for your safety (no sneakers in class). If you don't bring a pair of grippy socks, you’ll need to purchase a pair at the studio.

● Bring a water bottle. We’ve got a cooler for free refills, and we also sell water at the studio.

● We provide towels, expect to get sweaty! 

Something came up. Can I cancel? 

We know that life happens and sometimes you can’t make it to a FORM50 class you signed up for—no biggie, as long as you cancel. 

Here are the deets:


• No fee

• Keep class credit


• Lose class credit

• Unlimited members that late cancel will be charged $25


• Lose class credit

• Unlimited members that no show, no cancellation will be charged the price of a single class credit at their location

It’s easy to late cancel:

• Log into your FORM50 account and hit “late cancel”

• Or, call or email the studio