mistakes to avoid while working out from home

With the majority of people across the globe confined to their homes due to shelter-in-place orders, many members of our FORM50 Fam have been asking for tips on how to perfect their at-home workout. And while we can show you exactly what to do using our FORM50 LIIT Live on-demand online workout classes, we also wanted to make sure you knew exactly what to avoid as well.   

We’ve compiled the list below of common pitfalls and mistakes people make when working out from home and tips on the best ways to avoid them. 

Mistake 1: No Variety in Your Workouts

Just because you are stuck at home, doesn’t mean you have to be stuck in your routine! Repeating the same exercise over and over or having an overall lack of diversity in the exercise can deplete your enthusiasm toward exercise. It’s likely the reason why that home gym machine you bought off of Amazon has sat collecting dust in the corner of your living room. 

Mixing up your moves, adjusting your rest times, or even adding time limits to sets are all ways to avoid the monotony of your home workout. Part of having a successful fitness routine means playing with these variables so that your body can continue to adapt. This allows you to utilize different muscle groups, improve overall strength and move better.

Mistake 2: Focusing Only on High-Impact Cardio

A lot of the time, home workouts consist almost entirely of cardio moves rather than strengthening movements. While portions of cardio have their place in every workout routine, they should be limited to your conditioning workout if your ultimate goal is muscle growth.

This isn’t to say that you should completely eliminate cardio from your workouts, but for a total-body workout, we suggest focusing on low-impact and high-intensity interval training. The most effective way to build strength at home is by doing exercises that create muscle fatigue in minutes, this is your body’s way of showing you how much your muscles are actually working (and therefore building) during your training. 

While getting in that morning cardio might get your blood pumping, it is no match for the total-body workout of low-impact interval training. 

Mistake 3: No Rest Days

With the added time that we all have as we shelter-in-place, there are literally no excuses to not get in a little exercise. And as you continue to build up your routine, you should be exercising almost every day.

But this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t give yourself a break! It’s important to give your body proper time to recuperate and your muscles to relax. 

While working out is the perfect way to replace that normal day-to-day exercise you would normally get throughout the workday or while running errands, you don’t want to overdo it. Even the shortest of workouts take their toll if you’re doing them repeatedly 7-days, week over week. 

Mistake 4: Quantity Over Quality

The length of time that you exercise is less important than the quality of the workout that you do. Many people think that working out for a longer period of time is most important, however, there are many workouts that yield more efficient results in less time, like low-impact interval training (aka LIIT).

LIIT is a super-challenging style of workout that helps you burn more calories in under an hour. It’s a great way to strengthen all the muscles throughout your entire body and not waste any time in the process. 

Mistake 5: Forgetting About Your Form

While exercising at home, you really need to watch out for joint hypermobility and extension. We can’t stress enough how important it is to keep proper form. In other words, stay in control of your range of motion to protect your joints - this means keeping your eyes on your knees to ensure that they’re aligned, for example.

It’s also crucial to work out your glutes. Strengthening these muscles will help minimize pelvic instabilities and improve your body tone. And remember to watch out for any muscle spasms during exercise, which might occur when you first start your workout. With LIIT workouts the entire focus is on perfecting your form, which is exactly what makes LIIT workouts so effective. 



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