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Pop quiz: WTF is the difference between Lagree and Pilates? Both promise a strong, lean bod, and involve a complex machine ending in ‘former.’ Think of it this way. It’s like an ex. They’ve got history together, but they’ve moved on in different directions. Let’s break it down with a quick 101 on Lagree, how it compares to Pilates and where to find it in NYC.

How Lagree Came to Be

So, about that name. Lagree Fitness is named for its founder, Sebastien Lagree. Lagree was an avid bodybuilder in his 20s, which led him to obsessively work out. Once calling exercise his religion, he hit the gym 40 hours a week. His body was overworked and injured, and he had no room in his life for anything else.

At his doctor’s orders, he scaled back from 40 hours a week to a more reasonable 12. He took a job as a personal trainer to supplement his income as a then aspiring actor. Soon after, Lagree found himself reluctantly teaching Pilates. He was skeptical because it didn’t leave him feeling sore, sweaty or overexerted – all things he equated with exercise.

Lagree knew he could take the low-impact, strengthening properties of pilates and its reformer machine to the next level to create a complete workout that combined resistance training and cardio. In keeping with his newly found moderation, the workout also had to be efficient and effective. He went to work prototyping what would become the Megaformer machine, which is the foundation of Lagree. Its moving carriage was inspired by the simple ab wheel he lugged to the gym daily as a 20-something. And with that, Lagree was born.

So What Exactly is Lagree?

Lagree is a low impact, yet deceptively intense workout that utilizes slow, controlled movements on the Megaformer. The springs, pulleys and moving carriage of this machine make the workout ultra challenging, forcing the body to engage multiple areas of the body to get the job done. It makes you stronger and leaner with a crazy-toned core. Probably the biggest difference between Lagree and Pilates is that Lagree incorporates cardio plus resistance training for a total workout. Clock your 50 minutes and you’re done—no extra treadmill time needed. Done and done.

Peep All the Benefits of Lagree

  • Total body workout: Lagree combines every element of physical fitness—strength, endurance, cardio, balance, core and flexibility—into every single move.
  • Megaformer vs Reformer: While both machines use spring-loaded resistance, the Megaformer used in Lagree allows for a wider range of motion.
  • Multiple muscle groups: Rather than targeting just one area at a time like Pilates, Lagree moves simultaneously work multiple muscle groups. That ignites a bigger burn, which means more calories torched.
  • Slow and controlled: Lagree focuses on slow and controlled movements to achieve maximum muscle stimulation to the point of muscle failure. That’s what creates change in your body (and why you experience “the shake”).
  • Low impact, but intense: Lagree is easy on your joints, but deceptively intense and for insane results. We call it LIIT (low-impact interval training).
  • Serious after-burn: Lagree results in a stronger post-exercise effect (aka after-burn), which means you burn more calories after class is over.
  • Shorter workouts: Lagree fitness is all about intensity and efficiency. That’s why sessions at Form50 Fitness clock in at only 50 minutes, burning up to 1,000 calories.
  • Constantly challenging: Just when you think you’ve mastered the workout, you learn a new circuit or increase the tension on the machine, so it gets harder, not easier. That’s exactly why it works.

Form50 Fitness Is the Hottest Spot for Lagree in NYC

New York City has every kind of fitness form you can imagine. But for Lagree, there’s a standout studio that’s attracting a major fan base.

Located in Astoria, Queens, Form50 Fitness the place to go for LIIT Lagree training in NYC. It’s more than a place to sweat it out and tone up like no other. Form50 Fitness is a community of friends that lives for Lagree. It’s good vibes only with a hyper-personal, boutique feel that makes everyone feel like a boss who walks through the hot pink doors.

The coaches are hands-on and all-in, pumping up the room with encouragement and ensuring perfect form, so everyone gets the most out of every class. You’ll leave feeling positive and powerful—and obsessed, wanting to come back for more.

Form50 Fitness features 10 Megaformers and classes for every fitness level, from Welcome to Your Form as a solid intro, to Total Body for Lagree pros. Insider tip: book your Mega in advance for the full week because it’s just that popular. Check it out, move to the beat of a sick playlist and soak up the good vibes. Your core and your confidence will be strong AF.

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