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Any diehard workout fanatic likely knows about Lagree. The high-intensity, low-impact workout brings mega fitness gains while minimizing the risk of injury, a quality that has made it one of the most popular training methods worldwide.

What you might not know, however, is that Lagree is arguably the best exercise for runners. Runners are unlike other athletes. While, like everyone else, you need physical strength, to conquer the tracks, runners must focus on specific muscles to keep them balanced and moving forward.

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Lagree is designed to give runners the muscular endurance, flexibility, and balance they need without necessarily going through a dozen of different exercises. Here’s how:

  • Build the Right Muscles for Strength Endurance

Of all the things that influence running, strength is at the top of the list. The reasons for this are endless, including; injury prevention, bridging structural weaknesses in the body, building core strength for improved posture, and faster running.

Lagree training doesn’t just help you build strength; it helps you build strength in the right muscles for greater performance. While classes are total body, many do focus on glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps, and calves which are the areas that athletes most depend on when on the track. But not just that; Lagree also incorporates a range of different movements for maximum gain. The end result is building the muscles you need to stay strong, injury-free, and super fast.

  • Improve Your Flexibility for Greater Propulsion

Flexibility is defined as the degree of motion around a joint. For athletes, you need maximum range of motion around key joints for maximum performance. Think of it this way; how fast can you run when your knees won’t move normally? You’d definitely run faster and even stay on the track for longer with greater range of motion. Aside from that, scientists have found that flexibility reduces propensity for injury, relieves stress placed on joints, and improves overall body function.

Lagree exercises are the best training for flexibility. The Megaformer is designed to constantly stretch the body and lengthen muscles throughout the training session. This constant, full-range movement ensures full use of the body’s muscles, leading to greater flexibility.

  • Build Balance To Reach the Next Level

Finally, when working to reach the next level, balance and reactive training are two areas you can’t overlook. This is because balance training increases an athlete’s ability to perceive stimuli around them. You need maximum stimuli perception to engage your muscles quicker in reactive situations, allowing you to run faster, for longer. Take an example of barriers on the track. Runners encounter barriers all the time. It could be pebbles or stones. Or, you could come across a slippery surface. Balance training prepares your mind and body for these possibilities so you can compete no matter the conditions out there.

form50 fitness lagree classes for runners ny

Lagree has been shown to be one of the best balance training exercises for runners. Aside from helping you develop the muscles you need for forward propulsion, the exercise helps with the building of supporting muscles in all planes; muscles you need to react to unfamiliar conditions without losing your edge.

There’s a Lot More

The points above are just a few examples of how the Lagree Method can help athletes, specifically runners, improve their performance and efficiency. If you can incorporate Lagree into your exercise regimen three days per week, rest assured of benefiting in many other ways, both personally and professionally.

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