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If you’re a relatively active person, you’ve probably heard of Lagree. Lagree is a workout developed by Sebastien Lagree, who was both a bodybuilder and a fan of Pilates. However, he felt that both fell short in some ways. Weightlifting wasn’t doing much for flexibility or endurance and Pilates just didn’t have the intensity he craved.

Lagree designed his workout to be high-intensity but low-impact, resulting in big fitness gains while reducing the chance for an injury. He also made sure that it hit every muscle group and provided an appropriate level of resistance (up to 250 lbs) so that everyone could benefit — men and women. Even though some men continue to think it’s just pilates with a fancy new name.

It is natural for men to feel bulletproof — no pain no gain is a motto that many of men have taken to heart. Men want their workouts to be intense and Lagree workouts can absolutely provide this. In fact, there are a number of reasons why men should add Lagree to their workout plans just as so many women have.

Lagree Is an Intense Workout

Given that it’s a descendant of Pilates — a lightweight workout that has a bad rap among some fitness enthusiasts — you may be initially skeptical of Lagree fitness. Rest assured that Lagree can be just as intense as weightlifting. In fact, one of the benefits of Lagree is just how variable the workouts can be.

There is a good balance of high-intensity training with low-intensity rest periods in every session. Moves can be modified to be harder if you want to turn things up a notch. Your Lagree workout can be as intense or as low-key as you need it to be.

lagree workout for men

Cross-Training Is Good for Everyone

When it comes to exercise, it’s never a good idea to limit yourself to just one thing. Imagine going to the gym and working your chest every day. You probably wouldn’t get too far, would you? The benefits of cross-training are well documented, and that extends to cross-training with Lagree fitness.

Lagree works a number of muscle groups and involves many novel motions that strengthen parts of your body that other workouts may not hit. Not only does Lagree increase core strength, it can also greatly improve endurance, stamina, and flexibility. Essentially, Lagree helps you develop a solid foundation for building muscular strength.

Lagree Can Reduce Your Chance of Injury

Nothing is worse than making some killer progress on your lifts only to injure yourself and lose it all. The foundation that Lagree workout can build for your muscles reduces your chance of injury. It’s recommended that every healthy person engages in three types of exercise to maximize their fitness and minimize the potential for injuries:

  • Aerobic training
  • Weight training
  • Flexibility training

Lagree workout at Form50 incorporates both aerobic training and flexibility into one intense 50-minute workout. When you’re already pressed for time trying to balance work, family, and fitness this is a godsend. Instead of going running and doing yoga, you can save some time and head to a Lagree class.

The bottom line is that if you give Lagree a shot, you will see results. Lagree offers something for everyone at all levels of fitness, men or women. Intrigued? Sign up for a class — just make sure you’re fully prepared for an intense, sweaty workout.

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