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Working out regularly is highly beneficial for improved long-term health, weight loss and mental well-being. However, incorporation of heavy physical activities in your life can have a negative impact on your body, particularly around your joints. Therefore, if you have problems such as old joint injuries or suffer from joint discomfort periodically, you cannot afford to take up high impact exercise. If you do, the heavy workout will cause the symptoms to worsen.

The Lagree Method is a high-intensity low impact workout that is a perfect alternative to other high-intensity training options that can potentially damage the joints. Low impact exercise is the right choice for you if you are concerned with joint issues and other physiological problems. The Lagree workout will allow you to improve your health while minimizing the stress on your joints. You will feel less short-term and long-term strain due to your involvement in regular physical activities.

If you are still uncertain whether Lagree is right for you, consider the below outlined primary benefits of low impact exercise:

Increased Strength and Endurance

Low impact exercise is an ideal choice if you are interested in increasing your strength and endurance. Unlike high impact workouts, this alternative is not demanding on the body, and you can restore your health at your own pace. You can participate in the exercise daily because it does not strain the body. There is little recovery time needed. If you are consistent in your workout routine, you can increase your muscle density, tone your body and improve stability and endurance.

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It is also important to note that lower impact training has a positive impact on joint mobility and elasticity. These benefits will improve your performance in weight training exercises and contribute to more ease in conducting manual tasks. In addition, the workout will lengthen and stretch muscles, allowing the body to work efficiently. However, if your interest is in building muscles, you will need to increase your resistance training to promote hypertrophy.

Efficient Weight Loss

Low impact exercise is suitable if you are looking to lose weight, especially if you do not work out on a regular basis. This type of physical activity is effective because it can be performed for longer periods unlike the high impact alternative. Therefore, there will be more time to burn calories. It is also important to note that the workout digs deeper into the body for stored fats. In simple terms, the activity will access the fats for energy instead of just using the easily accessible glycogen.

Reduced Injury Risk

There is risk of injury in all forms of exercise. However, low impact workout routines minimize the dangers, especially for people with physical problems. In general, high impact exercise presents danger because the muscles are forced to contract rapidly. This increases the risk of tearing and strain. The slow and controlled design of low impact workouts alleviates strain. The design of the programs will also strengthen all the critical muscles, providing a strong support system for the body.

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If your body has been experiencing physical stress due to the constant running, playing sports or highly intense dancing, you should not give up on working out and sink into your couch. Instead, consider taking up Lagree low impact workout. This alternative will give you an opportunity to keep growing healthier without wearing down your body. Whether you are tired of pounding the pavement or are suffering from joint discomfort, this is the perfect way to keep your body moving while preventing injuries.

How to Get the Most out of Low Impact Workout

When exercising, you should watch out for joint hypermobility and extensions. It is important to keep control over your range of motion to protect your joints. Keep your eyes on your knees and ensure that they are aligned. It is also crucial to work out your glutes. Strengthening these muscles will help minimize pelvic instabilities and improve your body tone. Additionally, you should watch out for muscle spasms which might occur during the initial period of your workout.

Starting your new workout routine can be daunting especially if you have joint problems. However, with Lagree workout you will maximize the benefits of your sessions. At Form50 you will receive guidance from one of our instructors. Their help will be invaluable, especially during the initial days. If you are uncertain of anything, our instructors will be happy to answer your questions. Ready to try Lagree? Reserve your spot on one of our Megaformers here.

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